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"A Arizona MotoVlogger and Vlogger! What! That's Crazy!"

"I love Your Videos! Keep Doing What You're Doing!"

I take you on a on helmet mounted view of Arizona via my motorcycle. I will talk about various things that interest me while riding my Road Star Cruiser. I do this as a fun hobby I will try and keep things light and fun for the most part. My channel direction is as follows: If it happens while my camera is on I will show it. Good or bad. I am attempting to portray a real image of who I am and what it is like to go on a ride with me. Some things may be offensive to you. I may make stupid mistakes. I may say shocking things from time to time. Either way you will see what I see. I edit for length not to chop content. I hope this makes sense as you watch. I am an Arizona Native who enjoys many activities. My second YouTube channel is a variety of random things as I live my life.

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